Odyssey from Africa and the Adventures of Ipiki


Sixty thousand years ago a small group of people changed the world. Odyssey from Africa tells their story. It is a myth of human origins based on fact, in a narrative poem aimed at all ages. Fleeing a village witch-hunt, a fisherman with his wife and twin children embark on a flight for survival, that grows into a journey of discovery and inspiration. Joined along the way by companions both animal and human, the scope of their odyssey expands into something far greater than they would ever have imagined.

“And our world is so much larger
Than the limits of our vision
What to us seem wide horizons
Are a spot upon the surface
Of a world immense and wondrous
Filled with things beyond our knowledge”

As our long distant ancestors realise their historic migration, they touch the bases of what it means to be human. Is it friendship? Is it discovery and knowledge, wonder and dreaming? Is it art and music, or cooking and the amber nectar? Is it law and justice? Is it technology and warcraft? Is it faith and encounter with the divine? Is it love? Maybe it’s just a journey which never ends. And who – or what – is Ipiki?

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