Data from UK covid19 vaccination show AstraZeneca’s vaccine more effective than Pfizer’s

Real data on the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines given in the UK shows that while Pfizer vaccine is 85% effective against covid19 hospital admissions, the AstraZeneca vaccine is 94% effective. So in the real world the AZ vaccine is working better than the Pfizer vaccine. As well as costing nearly ten times less and not requiring minus 70-80 degrees expensive deep freeze storage.

The reduction in the risk of symptomatic infection in over-80s observed in early 2021 during ongoing UK vaccination of the population, is 57% and 63% respectively for the Pfizer and Oxford-AZ jabs, 14 days after a single dose. Again better results from the AZ vaccine.

Covid: Oxford vaccine does protect older people, Europe told – BBC News

Blood clots

A risk of blood clots from the AstraZeneca vaccine is the latest politically motivated anti-AZ scare story from the EU. However it is theoretical only and not supported by observational data. As more and more trial data comes in including the latest from the USA, – the clot risk is shown to be non-existent. It is absent in the tens of millions of vaccinated people in the UK – to some with a scientific mindset and integrity, this means something.

Meanwhile reports of serious allergic reactions to other covid19 vaccines such as the Pfizer vaccine, are being suppressed and not discussed at all

UK issues warning about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine (


Tens of millions of Astrazeneca vaccine doses are being held in storage across the EU as a consequence of the EU’s deliberate propaganda campaign to discredit the vaccine made by what they see as their British enemies.

Meanwhile the reason for the delay is that the EU themselves are delaying by more than half a year the production of the vaccine in European manufacturing sites, such as ones at Halix and Leiden in the Netherlands:

So the Europeans are (a) sitting on tens of millions of unused AZ vaccines and (b) delaying licensing of EU plants to make the AZ covid19 vaccine, and (c) discrediting the AZ vaccine by propaganda, deliberately suppressing demand in an increasingly anti-vaxxer European population. Then they blame AZ and the UK for insufficient supplies of the AZ vaccine, using it practically as a pretext for war against the UK!

A lot of disgracefully dishonest and nationally divisive behaviour is being indulged in by EU leaders trying to divert attention from their complacent and incompetent handling of the covid19 crisis. They would do better to learn some lessons from it.

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