Covid19 pandemic explodes in Brazil after USA stop them from buying vaccine from “enemy” Russia

The United States of America have put geopolitical rivalry ahead of saving lives in its global campaign of bullying and intimidation in relation to the covid19 pandemic. Bullying and intimidation are of course business as usual for American global politics, and their activities in regard to the pandemic have proved no exception.

Back in 2020 Brazil sought to purchase the Russian Sputnik V covid19 vaccine, whose safety and effectiveness was shown in a scientific report published in the high profile British based Lancet journal:

However the USA was already working hard to stop countries worldwide buying vaccines from their hated enemies the Russians. Simply because they are Russians. That is the only reason America needs to oppose Russia in anything. Even saving lives in a pandemic. Better for the US for people to die unnecessarily than for their lives to be saved by their geopolitical rival and racial enemy. Their deaths are a price worth paying in denying Russia a political “victory”.

Brazil was no exception – America’s priority here was stopping Russia gaining influence, not stopping covid19 infections. So in their trademark thuggish mafia style they bullied and threatened Brazil to stop them buying covid19 vaccine from Russia, delaying vaccination of the population for many months:

Now with the covid19 pandemic exploding out of control in Brazil with deaths at thousands per day and climbing, the United States of America have a sea of Brazilian blood on their hands.

Is it possible for America to understand that there is more to a pandemic than opportunities for geopolitical point scoring? That saving human lives might be an equally valuable objective?

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