Trans tyranny: women freed from control of men now controlled by men in dresses

Reblogged from RT

In the past, it was men who sought to limit women’s freedom – now it is trans-activists who seek to control what women can say and what they can call themselves. Women have been freed from the control of men, only to find they are being controlled by men in dresses. And this is supposed to be progress?

2 thoughts on “Trans tyranny: women freed from control of men now controlled by men in dresses

    1. It’s OK to be a little triggered by people being subjected to prejudice and abuse in the name of an invented system of self-righteousness. I.e. women and “old fashioned” feminists being tarred and feathered simply for acknowledging the existence of female human beings called “women”. They just prove what has always been known about militant self-righteousness for whatever cause, that it always becomes the enemy that it claims to oppose. Animal farm – 4 legs good, 2 legs bad – or wait – is it the other way around?

      Nietzsche thus said that if you “look into the abyss long enough, the abyss looks back into you”. Likewise Jesus Christ said “do not judge, for with the judgement with which you judge, you will be judged “. Psychology 101. Thus it’s inevitable for instance that the woke religion will oppress women just as it’s inevitable that climate alarmism will damage the climate and environment. That thing over which you sit in judgement – that is what you will become. Unless you step back from appointing yourself as the judge and final authority on what is right and wrong.


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