The sausage factory of US govt policy: invasion of Iran already decided in 2009

Brian Berletic has an informative YouTube channel called “The New Atlas”. The main focus is a critique of America’s cynical and imperialistic foreign policy of endless interference in other countries. This one year ago might have sounded paranoid and conspiratorial, but today it’s really becoming obvious to everyone with the tragic consequences of America’s egregious intervention in Ukraine over the last few years which flew under the radar of both the media and the democratic process.

Anyway – the subject of this important YouTube post is not Ukraine, but Iran. What it reveals is how things work in America in regard to the formation of government policy. The process by which the country decides what it does.

For the full story please watch the video – and subscribe if you find this an interesting source of news and opinion that you won’t find in a western media which all can now see has become a darkly comedic self parody of ideological dictatorship.

In short – Brian exposes the pipeline or “sausage factory” by which US government policy is spawned. Noticeable by its absence is any democratic input. The noisome pathway from start to finish is as follows: corporate financing to think tank consultancy to lobbying to government department and secretary to the president’s desk and signature.

In this example regarding Iran we learn of the existence of an influential “think tank” called the Brookings Institution. Funded by all the corporate usual suspects. The remarkable thing about this policy sausage factory is how open and transparent it is. The document in which the Brookings Institution set out in advance America’s path to war with Iran in 2009 is open and available for all to see. They don’t even bother with secrecy because they don’t have to.

In a nutshell the report describes the goal with Iran as “going all the way: invasion”. The male braggadocio in the imagery of “going all the way” reveals the true nature of the nation’s political culture. The seed of the idea of invading Iran is first down in the form of the corporate sanctioned and funded report which talks about “going all the way”.

The corporate players – the fountain of all political power in the US – generously fund the “think tank” which articulates in eloquent and beautifully produced reports which gratify the policy community by talk of “going all the way”.

The next step in the sausage factory is the lobbying industry in Washington DC. The lobbying industry is an extraordinary phenomenon in a nation claiming to represent democracy. Lobbying means getting political policy outcomes in exchange for payment of money. In any other country it is called corruption. But in America it is the foundation of executive power.

From lobbying all the dirty money is rewarded by the recommendations of the Brookings Institution being delivered to the desk of the government secretary in question. And thence to the president’s desk for signature.

Did I miss the part where democratic input of voters played a part in the policy sausage factory?

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