The disappearance of June 20th (in Verkhoyansk)

This story of a recorded temperature of 38 C on June 20 (2020) in Verkhoyansk, Siberia has become a huge media event worldwide. It represents (or would represent) a new record high temperature for the Arctic circle. Media managers are clearly happy for the flagging climate doom story to receive some new impetus.
There’s a problem, though. It may not be real – that temperature record might have been an error. In the official temperature record for Verkhoyansk, temperatures now never exceeded 34 C and June 20 has disappeared!
(Scroll right down to the bottom and check June 2020 – what happened to June 20 and 21??)
Much ado about nothing?
The record for the Arctic is still 37.8°C, which occurred on 27 June 1915 in Fort Yukon, Alaska.

2 responses to “The disappearance of June 20th (in Verkhoyansk)”

  1. Just checked again – still gone!
    Nothing above 34.8 in late June.
    Smells like fake news to me


  2. Thanks for this. As of today, Jan. 3, 2022, the data for June 20 & 21, 2020 are still missing at KNMI Climate Explorer. But that didn’t stop the WMO from “recognizing” the new record, three weeks ago. Here’s their press release:

    Climate activists still cite this supposed record, not even with any caveats. I don’t think they really care a whit what is true.

    Here’s a ridiculous LiveScience article, which not only mentions that dubious 38°C (100.4°F) temperature record, it also claimed 118°F (47.8°C) high near the same place, last summer:
    “Arctic Circle is already recording 118 F degree days (and summer is just heating up)”

    The way they got that number was by doing a satellite-based infrared thermometer reading of a dark area of ground, at summer solstice.

    Of course, it is an utterly meaningless figure, because it has more to do with the color of the soil (and asphalt) than with climate. Real “surface” temperatures are air temperatures measured in a Stevenson screen, usually 1.25 to 2 meters above ground.

    But the bogus “118°F” story was, nevertheless, widely reported.

    Have you ever stepped from a white sidewalk onto black asphalt on a summer day, with bare feet? It can easily reach 140°F or higher.

    That’s how they got their 118°F Artic reading, where the sun never sets in summer: by measuring the actual ground, rather than air temperature above the ground. It was a propaganda ploy. It actually has nothing to do with climate change.

    The bogus “118°F Arctic” propaganda piece was repeated all over the place, via the “science journalism” echo chamber, to scare children everywhere with the news of their impending doom from climate change:


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