Vladimir Putin’s recent speeches in case you missed them

1. Putin’s speech on a global revolution against corporate neo-colonialism

“Truly revolutionary transformations are gaining momentum and strength. These monumental changes are irreversible. Both at the national and global level, the foundations and principles are being laid for a harmonious, more equitable, socially oriented and secure world order. An alternative to the unipolar world that has existed so far, but is by its own character becoming an impediment to the development of civilization.

The model of total dominance by the so-called golden billion (Western Oligarchy) is unfair. Why should this “golden billion” dominate over the rest and impose its rules of conduct based on the illusion of exceptionalism? It divides people into first and second-class societies, and therefore is inherently racist and neocolonial. While its underlying globalist and supposedly liberal ideology is increasingly acquiring the features of totalitarianism.

Yes of course this “golden billion” didn’t become “golden” and achieve many successes by accident. And it didn’t rise to leading positions solely through the implementation of some kind of ideas. To a large extent, these positions were gained by plundering other peoples in both Asia and Africa. And that is how it was. How much has India been plundered, for instance?

This is why the elites of this “golden billion” are terrified that other centers of power may present their own development models. But no matter how much Western and globalist elites strive to preserve the existing order, a new era is dawning, a new stage in world history. And only truly sovereign states can ensure a high growth dynamic.”

Vladimir Putin, 2022.

2. Putin’s speech on Europe’s Energy fiasco

“Gazprom has always fulfilled and intends to continue fulfilling all of its obligations. The attempts of our partners to shift their own mistakes onto Russia and Gazprom have no basis.

So what is happening with energy supplies? Look, in the first half of 2020, gas in Europe cost 100 euros per 1000 cubic meters. In the first half of last year [2021] – 250 euros. Today, it’s 1700 euros per 1000 cubic meters.

So what is happening? I have already spoken about this many times. I don’t know whether it is worth going into the details about the energy policy of European countries, who neglected the importance of traditional energy sources and took a bet on non-traditional ones. They are great experts in non-traditional relations, so in the field of energy they also decided to rely on non-traditional sources, such as solar and wind. But the winter turned out long and non-windy – and that’s it. “

Vladimir Putin, 2022

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